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Accoounting and Finance Department

Treasurer & Tax Collector - Brian Eshbaugh

Controller - Anthony Farina

Councilman Christopher Fabry




The director of accounts and finance shall have the supervision and control of the accounts of all the departments, and may require from them at any time a statement in writing of all money and property of the city in their hands.


At the last stated meeting in November each year, the Director of Accounts and Finance, on behalf of council, will present to council the proposed budget ordinance for the first reading. The budget ordinance contains all funds, and shows the estimated receipts, expenditures, and liabilities of every kind for the ensuing year, as well as the balance of unexpended appropriations, and all other information of value as a basis for fixing the levied tax rate for the next fiscal year.


In the absence of the Mayor the Director of Accounts and Finance is the next officer in charge of city affairs and shall exercise all rights and powers of the Mayor.

Act 44 Disclosure Statement 2018
Act 13 Usage Report 2017


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