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Department of Public Works
City of Lower Burrell Municipal Authority
Chairman: Kevin Lettrich Treasurer: Jennifer Bayer
Vice Chairman: Terry Anderson Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer L. Pelegrinelli
Secretary: George Adda Advisory: Charles West
Mayor: Richard Callender Solicitor: Robert B. Liotta, Esq.
The City of Lower Burrell Municipal Authority Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. The board welcomes all residents to attend monthly meetings.
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The "Pennsylvania Housing and Financing Agency" (PHFA) has a financing program that offers a form of a PENNVEST loan that is available to residents at a VERY low interest rate. ANYONE having an issue with their sewer lateral, septic system, and even new connections to the public system are eligible! Residents can use this program as a possible financing opportunity to make the corrections needed on the above projects to improve their home and environment.

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The City of Lower Burrell Municipal Authority’s mission is to develop and implement comprehensive official plans that provide for the resolution of existing sewage disposal problems, provide for the future sewage disposal needs of new land development; and provide for future sewage disposal needs of the City of Lower Burrell.



Wildlife Lodge Road


The Wildlife Lodge Road sanitary sewer line extension is almost complete! Residents are now being notified how to proceed in tapping into the sewer system.
Letter to Residents Manhole Drop Connection Exterior Diagram
Sewer Tap In Fees Manhole Drop Connection Interior Diagram
Lateral Installation Diagram - City of Lower Burrell Service Line Extension and Service Line Connection Condensed Sanitary Sewer System Installation Specifications


Currently, the Board of Directors are anticipating the approval of the Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) in response to the Administrative Order for Compliance on Consent (AOC). This is a legal order from the Department of Environmental Protection Agency where all users of the New Kensington Sanitary Authority are required to improve their sewage systems and prevent or severely limit any sewage spilling into the Allegheny River during heavy rain events.


In the interim, the board continues to work toward the LTCP to begin improving the sewer architecture. To date, the Board of Directors, Alpha Engineering, and the Public Works Department continues to identify and prioritize specific inflow and infiltration (I&I) by replacing existing pipe sections and manholes, line (cured-in-place) pipe sections and ensure manholes are kept sealed.


Just a reminder, any downspout, exterior drain, or driveway drains connected to the sanitary lines is in violation of City Ordinances, State Law, and Federal Law. These connections are overloading the sanitary lines during heavy rain storms causing manholes to overflow in the lower areas of the City and then flowing directly into the streams which run to the river. Please check your downspouts and drains and ensure they are properly routed.



As posted on the Public Works Page, the following is information that will help you in the effort to combat possible flooding issues on your properties, the streets, or sanitary systems. These “going green” options can help you control any storm water issues that you may have. Listed below are documents from the Westmoreland Conservation District on Rain Gardens. These rain gardens help eliminate storm water from localizing out on the street (possibly creating a safety issue with ice in the winter) and possibly in the sanitary sewer system (storm water infiltrating into sewer laterals, manholes, etc.). This is a simple technique that you may take advantage of. Please visit the Westmoreland Conservation District website at for further information on rain gardens and for any storm water issues.
Additionally, downspouts or exterior drains may be dispersed into a dry well sump. The following is a diagram of the specifications needed for a dry well sump.

Dry Well Sump Diagram



City of Lower Burrell Municipal Authority MEETS

City of New Kensington Municipal Sanitary Authority

On Friday, July 10, 2015, the Board of Directors toured the Municipal Sanitary Authority of the City New Kensington. The tour began with a presentation by Hatch Mott MacDonald’s Principal Engineer Kemal Niksic and Project Engineer Chris Henry. The presentation covered the history, existing treatment process and operations, and the Municipal Sanitary Authority’s proposed upgrades. The physical tour was led by Kemal Niksic, Chris Henry, Daniel Rowe, Jr. and John Bonk.


The Board of Directors are grateful for this opportunity and extends their appreciations to:

Kemal Niksic, PE, Hatch Mott MacDonald

Chris Henry, Project Engineer, Hatch Mott MacDonald

Daniel Rowe, Jr., General Manager, Municipal Authority of the City of New Kensington

John Bonk, Operations Manager, Municipal Authority of the City of New Kensington

(Left to right: George Adda, Jennifer Bayer, Kevin Lettrich, Terry Anderson, Jennifer Pelegrinelli, Robert Liotta,
Kemal Niksic, Daniel Rowe, Jr. and John Bonk)


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