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Department of Public Works

Councilman Robert Hamilton

Director of Public Works and Parks Jeff Fleming

Director of Public Works & Parks Position Open

The City of Lower Burrell, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania is seeking a highly qualified professional who is motivated to meet the challenges of this suburban community for the position of Public Works and Parks Director. The City has a population of approximately 11,000 residents and encompasses 12 square miles.

The director will perform high level supervisory, administrative and professional work in the planning, organizing, directing and supervising of the Public Works and Parks Department, including environmental, sewer, street, traffic control, maintenance and other public works and parks programs.

 The ideal candidate must have management experience as well as road construction/maintenance, wastewater operations, long term planning of capital projects and have familiarity with construction equipment & civil engineering, crew supervision, task assignment, and municipal budgets. In addition, the position requires excellent customer service skills and experience in working with the public, vendors and City Council/Commissions and computer skills (excel, word email) is a must. A valid PA driver’s license is required and a CDL is preferred.


A competitive benefits package and salary commensurate with experience is offered. Deadline for receipt of applications with salary requirements is February 14, 2020. Submit applications and resumes to City Administrator, 2800 Bethel Street, Lower Burrell, PA 15068.


Job Description


Employment Application


Important Public Works Announcements


Resident Instructions for Dye/Camera Tests


click the above link for more information on these tests


The "Pennsylvania Housing and Financing Agency" (PHFA) has a financing program that offers a form of a PENNVEST loan that is available to residents at a VERY low interest rate. ANYONE having an issue with their sewer lateral, septic system, and even new connections to the public system are eligible! Residents can use this program as a possible financing opportunity to make the corrections needed on the above projects to improve their home and environment.

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The Public Works Department is located in the lower level of City Hall. This department consists of seven (7) regular employees. The various categories of work done by these men include: road construction, street preventive maintenance, repair ,and restoration, storm sewer installation and repairs, sign maintenance/replacement, as well as snow removal.  (4) of the men provide maintenance and repairs to the entire sanitary system, including 8 pump stations, over 2,000 manholes, and over 70 miles of sanitary sewer pipe.

Below is some information that will help residents in the effort to combat possible flooding issues on their properties, the streets, or sanitary system in their neighborhood.   These “going green” options can help residents control any storm water issues that they may have. Listed below are documents from the Westmoreland Conservation District on Rain Gardens.  These rain gardens help eliminate storm water from localizing out on the street (possibly creating a safety issue with ice in the winter) and possibly in the sanitary sewer system (storm water infiltrating into sewer laterals, manholes, etc.).  This is a simple technique that some residents can take advantage of, along with any possible spring projects that they may have planned .  Residents can visit the Westmoreland Conservation District website at for further information on rain gardens and for any storm water issues. 


The city has also formed a Stormwater Committee, to help identify flooding and stormwater needs thoughout the city. They are also working on projects that will help educate students and the general public on the Stormwater System and the five (5) water tables located in Lower Burrell. This committee meets every SECOND THURSDAY of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Kinloch Volunteer Fire Department. Please stop in and see what you can do to improve the stormwater issues in the City of Lower Burrell! (All stromwater information is also available by clicking on the Stormwater/MS4 tab on the Home Page


Homeowner's Stormwater Guide
Street Department

With a crew of 8 men, the City maintains approximately 53 miles of City accepted streets and is under contract to do the winter maintenance on 11 miles of State roads. The Street Department has also instituted a Pavement Management Plan which will keep the streets in good repair on a rotating basis.

When involved in a project that includes construction under a road and after calling the Pennsylvania One Call System (811), please contact the Street Dept at least 24 hrs ahead of excavation.  Below is information regarding the application of a road opening permit:

Contact Jeff Fleming at 724-889-2007, for application processing details  & costs.

Adobe Reader Ordinance 901 - Excavations
Adobe Reader Street Opening Permit Form Microsoft Word Document

Microsoft Word Version

It is editable, to allow you to enter the information directly in the document, save the document, and attach to an email.

Adobe Reader Street Restoration Information

To report a street light outage in your neighborhood, please contact First Energy to report a street light outage.  First Energy can be contacted by calling 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) or through their website at

Snow Removal

An important step in dealing with snowfall is street salting. Top priority is given to the City's main roads. These roads are routes that the City has found to have the heaviest year-round traffic and usually are major arteries running north-south or east-west.

When 2 inches of snow has accumulated and more is expected, snow is more economically removed by plowing rather than salting. All City maintained roads, as well as residential streets will be plowed by the Street Department personnel. Our first responsibility is to open the main roads. The plows then continue to all secondary streets to clear each one in a sequence that promotes time savings and safety considerations. Remember that trained crews work around-the-clock during such storms to keep the roads open and passable.


After the storm is over, crews continue to monitor all roads for icy spots and areas where winds redeposit the snow in traffic lanes. Usually an application of salt or ashes is applied to all streets so that the riding surface remains drivable. Crews are also dispatched to clear the catch basins so that the melting snow does not create an ice situation.

The Sanitary Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the sewer conveyance system. With new lines being installed in developments, the total miles of line is approximately just over 70 miles to date. The department is responsible for 8 lift stations. These stations are checked and maintained numerous times during each week.  The men also maintain the entire sanitary system through digital camera evaluations, jet and root cutting with the Vaccon truck, as well as perform smoke/dye tests, and inspections of newly installed lateral lines and tap-ins.  Manhole evaluations, repairs, and cleaning are performed as well.  Cutting of the sewer line right of ways are completed typically during the summer months.


Road Opening Permit Information:

Adobe Reader Ordinance 901 - Excavations
Adobe Reader Street Opening Permit Form Microsoft Word Document

Microsoft Word Version

It is editable, to allow you to enter the information directly in the document, save the document, and attach to an email.

Adobe Reader Street Restoration Information
Lateral Installation Specifications Form (must call PaOne Call, and Public Works 24 hours prior to excavation)  -For new sewer lateral installations:
Adobe Reader Lateral Installation Diagram Adobe Reader Shared Lateral Improvement Specifications
Dry Well Sump Diagram (if you have an interior french drain or downspouts that need to be eliminated from the sanitary system)
Adobe Reader Dry Well Sump Diagram
Dye Test Procedure - effective June 1, 2016

The City of Lower Burrell will be changing the format of the Dye Test procedure for when a home is SOLD OR TRANSFERRED in the City of Lower Burrell. AS OF JUNE 1, 2016 it will now be a two page format, with the first being the typical DYE TEST done previously with minor additions added to the form. The second page of the form is the newly REQUIRED camera evaluation of ALL INTERIOR BASEMENT FLOOR DRAIN LINES, along with THE ENTIRE LATERAL FROM INSIDE THE HOME TO THE MAIN SEWER CONNECTION. BOTH forms need to be completed in their entirety PRIOR TO HOME BEING SOLD OR TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. An electronic copy with the date, footages, etc. is also required to be provided to the RESIDENT AND THE CITY OF LOWER BURRELL upon completion.




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