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Department of Public Works

Councilman Christopher Fabry

Director of Public Works and Parks Jeff Fleming


Information to Aid Residents in the process of Dye and Camera Test Evaluations


In following the requirements set forth by the DEP in the form of a LONG TERM CONTROL PLAN, the City of Lower Burrell, along with surrounding municipalities, has developed processes and projects in order to reach these requirements.

One of the processes that were adapted to meet these requirements was to enforce the camera evaluation, along with the established Dye test of the private sanitary lateral lines that were set forth in Ordinance 5-2000.  As the City is working toward eliminating water infiltration in the main sewer lines and manholes, it is going to take the private sector of the system as well to reach the goal of eliminating a minimum of 40% of the storm/ground water infiltration of the entire sanitary system.

As part of this process, new forms were developed for the Dye Test and Camera Evaluations that are required upon the sale of a home.  These forms are located at the Tax Office and will be provided upon application.  In order for residents to better understand the steps needed in order to get a Dye and Camera Test performed of their home, please “click” on the link below to review the step by step instructions and flow chart:


instructions for sale of home Flow chart of sale of home

The City of Lower Burrell has also adapted their camera evaluations of the main sewer lines by focusing on performing them during rain events.  While doing so, any lateral that shows an excessive amount of storm/ground water entering into the main sanitary system will be contacted via letter to correct the issue.  By performing a dye and camera test, it will be determined where the water is entering the private sanitary system and steps needed to correct the problem can then be established.


instructions for Letter Received by CLB Flow chart of Letter Received by CLB

The City of Lower Burrell is taking a proactive approach in eliminating water infiltration into our sanitary sewer system, and with the help and cooperation of the community, the requirements set forth by the DEP have a greater chance of being accomplished.



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