Public Works

Staff & Responsibilities

The Public Works Department consists of 10 regular employees. The various categories of work performed include:

  • Repair and restoration
  • Road construction
  • Sign maintenance/replacement
  • Snow removal
  • Storm sewer installation and repairs
  • Street preventive maintenance

Sanitary System

3 of the employees provide maintenance and repairs to the entire sanitary system, including 8 pump stations, over 2,000 manholes, and over 70 miles of sanitary sewer pipe.

The Sanitary Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the sewer conveyance system and lift/pump stations. These stations are checked and maintained numerous times during each week. Employees also maintain the entire sanitary system through:

  • Digital camera evaluations
  • Jet and root cutting with the Vac-Con truck
  • Performing smoke/dye tests
  • Inspections of newly installed lateral lines and tap-ins
  • Manhole evaluations, repairs, and cleaning

Cutting of the sewer line right-of-way are completed typically during the summer months.


With a crew of 7 men, the City maintains approximately 53 miles of City accepted streets and is under contract to do the winter maintenance on 11 miles of State roads. The Street Department has also instituted a Pavement Management Plan which will keep the streets in good repair on a rotating basis.

Any problems concerning road conditions, call the Street Department.

New Sewer System - Wildlife Lodge Road

The Wildlife Lodge Road sanitary sewer line extension is almost complete! Residents are now being notified how to proceed in tapping into the sewer system.

New Sewer System Resources

Lateral Installation Specifications

When installing laterals, you must call PA One Call and Public Works 24 hours prior to excavation. For new sewer lateral installations:

Dry Well Sump

If you have an interior French drain or downspouts that need to be eliminated from the sanitary system and are installing a Dry Well Sump, please view the Dry Well Sump Diagram (PDF).