Prevent Flooding with Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens

The Public Works Department has provided some information from the Westmoreland Conservation District on Rain Gardens that will help residents in the effort to combat possible flooding issues on their properties, the streets, or sanitary system in their neighborhood. These "going green" options can help residents control any stormwater issues that they may have.

These rain gardens help eliminate storm water from localizing out on the street (possibly creating a safety issue with ice in the winter) and possibly in the sanitary sewer system (storm water infiltrating into sewer laterals, manholes, etc.). This is a simple technique that some residents can take advantage of, along with any possible spring projects that they may have planned.

Residents can visit the Westmoreland Conservation District website for further information on rain gardens and for any stormwater issues.


Just a reminder, any downspout, exterior drain, or driveway drains connected to the sanitary lines is in violation of City Ordinances as well as state and federal law. These connections are overloading the sanitary lines during heavy rain storms causing manholes to overflow in the lower areas of the City and then flowing directly into the streams which run to the river. Please check your downspouts and drains and ensure they are properly routed.

Rain Garden Documents