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Lower Burrell Police Department

The Police Department consists of 17 full-time police officers, and a full-time Police Operations Coordinator to serve the residents of Lower Burrell. Chief John Marhefka manages the 3 divisions within the Department: the Administrative Services Division, the Detective Division, and the Patrol Division.

The Department also deploys a School Resource Officer (SRO) Robert Acquaviva in cooperation with the Burrell School District and a K-9 Unit Patrolman Aaron Rodgers and K-9 Buc.

Detective Division

The Detective Division consists of 3 Detectives:

  • Detective Sergeant Zachary Beam
  • Detective Brandon Nedley
  • Detective Steve Aulerich

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division currently consists of 3 shift Sergeants, and 10 Patrolmen:

  • Sergeants:
    • Scott Miller
    • Brendon Noll
    • Scott Wright
  • Patrolmen:
    • Kenneth Smail
    • Vincent Sekanick
    • Michael Ondo
    • Robert Acquaviva (SRO)
    • Dominic Ravotti
    • Daniel Rote
    • Aaron Rodgers and Buc his K-9 partner
    • Cole Speer
    • Lucas Teagarden
    • Wyatt Helmbreck

Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division consists of one full time Police Operations Coordinator:

  • Sharon Wilks